Friday 3 August 2012

Update Report of Arakan Crisis

By NDPHR(exile),
The number of shelterless Rohingyas living along the refugee camps are more than those living in the tents of all the five refugee camps of Darpaine (Daebaine), Taechaung (Gwaladil), Chicha Fara, Bawdupa (Baduadil), Thankaybyin (Sakki Fara). Most of those shelterless Rohingyas lifted to Ongdawgyi (Bariza Fara or known as Coconut Field) a day before UN Envoy Quintana visit, have been placed without foods and shelter. The number estimate at least 10,000 persons.
After obvious contribution to the recent violence by the quasi-government, its forces and radical nationalists, they are trying to deceive international communities by misquoting that the mater is not racial nor religious. While some also described the matter as the historic nature, internal politics or social matters and internationally politicising. 
In deed, they could not explain about the previous Massacres against Rohingya took place in 1942, 1949, and the major Expulsion Operation of 1978 and 1991. the other reason is that the Arakan ethnic groups known as tribal people {Sak, Dinet/Chakma, Mro/Khami} whose physical appearances and language are similar to Rohingya have never been persecuted because their belief dissimilarity to Rohingya.
Most of anti-Rohingya news agencies both local and exile sided with the military government's ideology that undermines the logistical and historical facts of Arakan and Rohingya by referring Rohingyas as migrants from East Bengal during British Era in 1886 continued until 1948.
The nature of Burmese government's falsehood is well known to the world. Some of it was even found in foreign. For example, the Burmese Counselor U Tun Ngwe at Japan who reported he had found a bomb on 13 Nov 1989, was quickly flew back to Burma after investigation confirmed no other persons could have entered the embassy compound from outside. There were many other creations to impose Martial Law by placing explosive devices in Yangon and some where else.  

Sittwe Crisis
One of the survivors who were shot by Nasaka at the Tambi village (Tambi Fara or new Chicha Fara) on 31 July, has been died from wound on 1st Aug.
The Nasaka troops have been raiding the village during nights from the night of 31 July. All the villagers were laid on the ground after pulled out from their houses and abused them therefore a few villagers have been reportedly escaped.
One more Rohingya of 176 persons who are mostly from Rathedaung town and detained at military base camp during the violence, was died with tortures since a week ago. The rest 174 persons were transferred to Sittwe Prison. Of them, 2 Religious leaders are palced in the execution cell,  22 persons in a separate cell and the rest are in a different block.
A boat load of about 50 Rohingyas involving women and children, was sank near the mouth of Sittwe Bay on 2 Aug. They were heading to Sittwe from Pauktaw town after they been stucked more than 50 days without foods and shelter.
One of the twin babies was died as a result of the Red Cross staffs ran away from the refugee camp of Bawdupa (Badwadil) after a threaten phone call received from a Rakhine during they were treating the baby.

Kyauktaw township:
According to ERCA member Rofiq, 3 Rohingyas of Paiketay Yat (Fishing village), went for fishing were attacked by a gang of Rakhine patrolling by boat in the Kaladan River at around 2:00pm of 2 Aug. The two persons suffered minor injuries and the other one, Lalu s/o Zawbor was largely cut at many parts of the body and less condition to survive.

Tandwe township:
4 muslims believe to be Kaman ethnic, have been arrested with false charges on 31 July and detained in police lock-up..
The source also confirmed that the Rakhines jointly with monks are timely inciting across the town and also for their victory over Kalars.

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