Wednesday 15 August 2012

Three Foreign Tourists Arrested in Sittwe

 by NDPHR(exile),
Yesterday morning, the three foreign tourists who tried to cross the remaining muslim houses of Aungmingala Quarter (Mole Fara) were arrested by police.
Around 10am, the three foreign tourists who were trying to cross the remaining muslim houses of Aungmingala Quarter to find out the places of where the Rohingya houses were burnt down between Nazi village and Aungmingala Quarter, had been stopped in the entrance of the village by security police. One of them is woman and said to be from Untied States of America. Another one hanging the camera on the neck.
"After an hour of confrontation with police, the three tourists did not turn back from the village. A short time later, about 200 police forces were arrived by trucks and cars and then surrounded them. Police forces did not grab them but threatening through various way of taking away the camera, taking out of police use equipment such as the daggers, aiming with the gun and order to shot their legs. At the end, a Rohingya student voluntarily came out from a house to appeal the tourists to turn back and explain it will bring more trouble for the villagers." A man who link to police said.
"Finally, the three tourists were lifted to police station by a police jeep. But soon after interrogation they been freed within one hour." He further added. 

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