Tuesday 28 August 2012

Ongoing Situation in Arakan

By NDPHR(exile),

Rathedaung town
26 Aug: Military authority met with acting Rohingya leaders from Nyaung Pin Gyi(Muzadia), Anauk Pran(Anakpran), Samila and Sangudaine villages and reiterated about their relocation to Maungdaw town.
Except from
Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia) and 51 houses of Anauk Pran(Anakpran), the rest of Rohingya houses in Anauk Pran(Anakpran), Samila, Sangudaine villages were not set fire. But the military authority said that they could no longer protect the villagers and the relocation will be only solution.
The villagers however responded that they would only move to Sittwe town in case they would be forced. Because the military authority in Sittwe are not abusive unlike in Maungdaw.

The aid delivered by Yangon based muslim organizations were brought by military in Rathedaung town on 21 Aug. The homeless Rohingya victims were asked to unload the rice packages from the boat. The villages requested to dock the boat closer to the shore. Instead, the military forces began beating and pounding with guns and forced the villagers to go down into the waters. 10 villagers of Anauk Pran (Anakpran) village and 30 villagers of Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia) village, were beaten up. Of them, the village head of Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia), Habirahman was seriously beaten up and still in coma.

Maungdaw town

26 Aug: 3 Rohingya cowboys were attacked by a gang of Rakhine people on their return with cattle to own Nurulla village from near by the farming land. One of them was escaped and and informed the villagers. On the time of the villagers followed to the scene, the two cowboys were found slaughtered.

Sittwe town
27 Aug: About 4,000 Rohingya victims of Sentoli villages taking shelter at the school of Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) village were forcefully expelled from the school by the Rakhine state education minister yesterday afternoon. The victims said that expulsion came an hour after a team of UN visited them. Now the victims are wetting under the rain without shelter and food because they have even not registered at refugee camp.

Following the president's announcement, Rakhine people expressed dissatisfaction and attempting to attacks Rohingya villages from the past week. A group of 4 Rakhines who entered Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village with lethal knives and fuel bottles were captured by military in the afternoon of on 23 Aug. Another two Rakhines attempted to attack the same village were also arrested by military in the evening of 25 Aug.

Total displaced number of homeless Rohingyas plus Kamans and Rakhine muslims in Sittwe is estimated about 96,000 people and only about half of them are registered at refugee camps and the rest are still languished without food and shelter, according to the ground report .
As we received a list as below, in Sittwe refugee camps so far at least 64 people died from contracted diseases and starvation. The number is higher for the other towns where no aid group has been visited from the beginning.
The death toll in Sittwe refugee camps: NDPHR(exile)

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