Thursday 16 August 2012

“No need” for foreign commissions to investigate the Arakan violence: Thein Sein

by kaladanpress
Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Burmese government is changing their promised to delivery aids and ground investigation in Arakan state to Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), UN and internationals INGOs which the Burmese president said to Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, according to an elder from Maungdaw who base on an exclusive interview with VOA Burmese Service chief Than Lwin Htun in Naypyidaw on August 14.

“But now the Burmese authority didn’t want to do this as it is an internal problem between two groups not religious and ethnic problem.”

The government is giving assistance to the victims and has asked an “independent” Burmese Human Rights Commission to investigate the unrest, which erupted in June, where the Rohingya and Buddhist communities are living together. There is “no need” for a foreign commission to investigate the violence as an international issue, said President Thein Sein in an exclusive interview with VOA Burmese Service.

The Maungdaw district Administration officer –Aung Myint Soe- called and  giving the government plan to Mujeb Ullah, the Ward number 2, acting administration officer and Maung Ni village, Admin officer Abdul Rahman  at  his  thatch plan garden around one hour in the morning today, said a village who watch to them from village.

“Many people believe that the district admin officer draws with them a master plan which will be a trap for Rohingyas in front of International commission to investigate in the field of Maungdaw as the Rohingya believe OIC and UN will come to investigate.”
“The authority keeps these three village admins –Mujeb Ullah, Abdul Rahman and Ayub Khan –the Myothugyi village admin- to organize Rohingyas to say as per authority told to the foreign investigation commission.”

The authority and their puppet s went to Latha village with Rakhine community and organized a meeting  with Rohingya villagers where the officers said both communities will stay together from today and no fighting in the future. The officers take photographs of  Rohingya- Rakhine handshaking, said  a villagers from  Maungdaw.

The Nasaka area commander, district admin officer and some army officer s went to the Oo daung villager where the groups called villagers and held meeting at 3:00pm on August 13 where the authority told to the villagers to stay freely in the village without fear of arrest and taking signatures of villagers with writing that we are now staying peacefully in our village which was record by authority in video, said an village elder.

“The Rohingya who  were forced to signature are: Karim Ullah, 35, the chairman,Ibahim, 45, Mohamed Tayub, 32, Abul Hanif, 45, Rashid Ullah 35, Iliyas, 40, Salim Ullah, 40 and Kairul 28.”

The authority are try to show  to the International community that both community are staying peacefully together in the town, but police officers and Rakhines  from Maungdaw harassing ,looting and beating Rohingyas every day, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

“Anwer hailed from Pandawpyin village, was beaten by Rakhine youths from Ward number 4 while he and his mother were going to home by a rickshaw today morning. Anwer  become seriously wounded and his head was full of blood.”
“Anwer and his mother went to the district administration office to complain the event with proof, but the Rakhine staff were not allow him to meet the officer and he returned without justice from authority.”
“How will be possible, if the Rakhines and the police are going to harass beat and loot Rohingyas, to stay together in a town. It may again start a riot in the areas. The authority must be kept full security to protect the lives of Rohingyas and Rakhines.”

If the authority didn’t open the religious building –Mosques – for pray which will not show that the authority want peace in the town. It also show the discriminations of religious to the oust sider. The authority still not giving permission to move the people from their village for their survival, said a religious leader from Maungdaw.

Rohingyas are not allow to go to the Maungdaw market to buy their daily survival. Some Rohingyas’ village started village market to fulfill their survival, said an elder from Shwezar village.

“In our village, there is small village market and Rohingya around the villages of nearby come to the market to buy the foods stuff and other things. But, the authority become eyesore  on market and the village admin officer – a Rakhine- is taking photograph of the market today for their further action on the village.”

“The authority are allowing Rakhine to being goods and sold to Rohingya shopkeepers of Shwezarr which are selling in the village market from 8:00am to noon.”

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