Monday 13 August 2012

Myanmar Government Translator and His Distortions of Words in Broad Daylight

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Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his group visited Arakan state on 10th August 2012 to observe the vulnerable situation resulted from the genocides against not only Rohingya Muslims but also other Muslims in the state. Regardless of race or religion, they made donations not only to Rohingya Muslims but also to Rakhine Buddhists. 

He was accompanied to the refugee camps by Minister of Border Affairs, Lieutenant General Thein Htay and his group and a translator provided by the government. By the time Turkish FM and his group got to a Rohingya refugee camp, a Rohingya victim broke into tears and cried out “We Muslims have been severely oppressed here.” But the translator provided the government distorted the words and interpreted to Turkish FM as “We need assistances.” When the victims dishearteningly said “Help us,” again he interpreted as “We would like to have your assistances.” Why would the Rohingya victim waste once in a life-time chance uttering “we need assistances” again and again? Once again, when the victim said “We all Muslims are happy that you came here,” the interpretation was “We all are happy that you came here.” The video of the incident can be watched on

Therefore, regarding his deliberate distortions of a victim’s voice, the following questions are on our minds and we would like to have the answers from the concerned quarters.
1)                         Why did he twist and omit the words of the victim?
2)                         What was the motive behind his lying to Turkish Foreign Minister?
3)                         Why was his interpretation censored?
4)                         Who ordered him to hide the real and vulnerable situation of Rohingyas from Turkish FM?
5)                         Who is he afraid of?
6)                         What kind of punishments should be given to him for his to lying to a respected and honored guest of the Burmese government and distortion of the victim voice?
7)                         Can we trust such kind of government who is claiming that they are helping Rohingyas?

By now, it has become obvious that this genocide against Rohingyas was instigated and facilitated by the government for their political gains, in collaboration with extremist Rakhine Buddhists such as the members of Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP). To cover up the crimes against Rohingyas, the state and other local media have been hiding the real situation on the ground and deceiving the world by turning the situation upside down. The government itself also has left no stone unturned to deceive all the foreign visitors and observers in the region including UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana and this time Turkish FM. 
Those who think that Burmese government and its media are sincere will know what they actually are through this obvious distortion of this government vetted translator. If they are really sincere, they should accept the proposals of International Media and Humanitarian Aids. In fact, government and extremist Rakhines have been systematically carrying out genocides and ethnic cleansing by keeping the world in the dark by spreading lies through their media. Therefore, we plead to UN, Human Rights Organizations and International Communities:
1)     To provide Rohingya victims critically required aids such as foods, clean water, medical assistances and shelters resulting from the genocide against them and the blockage of food rations by Rakhine extremists and the Monks.
2)     To pressure Burmese government to free all innocent Rohingyas arrested by the authorities for wrong reason.
3)      To send International Media, Independent Observers, Reliable Investigations to Arakan.
4)     To bring all those who are responsible for Rohingya genocides into International Criminal Court of Justice (ICCJ) at Hague and prosecute them for committing war crimes.
5)     To help Rohingyas restore their lost citizenship in Burma.
6)     To send International Peacekeeping Force to help to stabilize the situation in Arakan. 

It no longer needs to tell the world what Rohingyas are. They are one of world’s most persecuted people according to United Nation. Now, they are on the verge of extinction due to Burmese regime’s systematic atrocities. They have become friendless in a predominantly Buddhist country. Most of Buddhist members are brainwashed and taught hatred towards other people by different regimes through Burmese history. Rohingyas could easily be targeted because they look different from the mainstream mongoloid people of Burma. Rohingyas are time and again made political scapegoats.

The world took oath to not let any genocides take place after the holocaust of more than six million Jews at the hands of Nazi Germans during WWII. It happened and is happening now. The Burmese regime and a section of Burmese society who are heavily influenced by Nazi Ideology of Racial Purification are committing holocaust against Rohingyas, while the world is watching on. Therefore, we plead to not let Rohingyas face the same fate faced by Jews during WWII. Please save Rohingyas and do a favor to humanity.
Written by Snowy and MS Anwar (RB News Contributors)

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