Tuesday 14 August 2012

Malaysia: 6 Rohingyas Detained with False Charges Released

by NDPHR(exile),

A group of six Rohingya wearing "Save Rohingya" T-shirt detained on 3 Aug 2012 have been released on 13 Aug 2102.

They are recognized Rohingya refugees and identified as Abdul Hanif, Hussein Ahmed, Boshir Ahmed, Amir Ahmed, Md Tarek, Hafez Ahmed. They were nabbed from the street of Kota Raya at round 17:00pm of the day and handed over to police by a gang of Rakhine involving Chinese people affiliated with a Rakhine businessman, the owner of 'Myanma Uyin' shop.

Teng Photo:  ( the six Rohingyas)
The six Rohingya were laid with false charges of damaging the accessories of Myanam Uyin shop and detained ten days in the police lock-up of Daungwangi.

"None of us were entered into the shop but we were grabbed and punched by members of Rakhine gang and then detained 10 days in harsh situation. As a result of they have good relation with police like other businessmen in Kota Raya." One of the six victims said.

Under the Malaysian laws, the suspect should be sent for justice within 3 to 7 days but the police can twist it by producing the document of 'rearrest after released'.

Ethnic Rohingya Community-ERCA leader, Mr Rofiq said, "all of the six Rohingyas are members of ERCA and no Rohingya involved in the incident. We do corporate with police and UNHCR and follow their instructions".
"Because of this unscrupulous news of "the attacking of Rakhine shop in Kuala Lumpur" has been widely publicized in anti-Rohingya blogs, aired at RFA and VOA, the Rakhine people began fresh attacks in Arakan from 5 Aug that caused about 30 Rohingyas killed, about 600 Rohingya houses plus 4 mosques and a governmental joint-school were burnt down and displaced about 10,000 Rohingyas in the seven villages across Kyauktaw, Pauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Kyaukphyu towns." He further added. 

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