Sunday 28 October 2012

Attacks Continue in Pauktaw town and update news of survivor boat people

By NDPHR(exile),

There are one side mass attacks of onslaught and torching houses have been going on in all over Arakan state but the government just eloquently responding to international.

From the beginning of violence, the government authorities did not install Law and Order for Rakhine people therefore the Rakhine people plus monks are openly and vigilantly terrorizing against the Arakanese muslims. UN has yet to learn a new chapter about  the regime government that had quietened the 65 millions people in the past five decades pretends to be uncontrollable and directly contributing the attacks in materialization of the burmanization and buddization in the support of Rakhine people' desires of extermination of the Rohingya in regard to install its own independent state. So, all Arakanse muslims have been targeted for their agendas and facing the worst genocidal attacks in the history. Sadly, it is very regrettable that the world mechanism body UN has not yet paved a workable solution to end the crises, as well as, it has forwarded such matters of ethnic cleansing onto the terror government.

Beside, we are also surprised with many reports still express as 'clashes' and do not clearly state about 'who attack whom in whose villages'.

Pauktaw town

28 Oct, 18:00: Rakhines plus monks attack the Rohingya village
Shikka Rwa (Sandawma @Sandawshin side), Pauktaw town. The Rakhines 2,000 came around 17:00 once but drove away by the villagers but soon they back with monks and attack with guns, arrows and torching the houses by using fire-throwers. Detail is not yet escalated because the houses are still burning and the blazes can be seen from Sittwe port.
The Rakhine people tried to attack this village from the evening of 26 Oct but the government authority didn't take any action.

Sittwe town update news of survivor boat people
Yesterday evening on 27 Oct, about 53 boats total landed in Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) mostly from Kyaukpyu town since 25 Oct, were freed to refuge in Sittwe refugee camps after negotiation was approached by the aid staffs of UN and Turkey. However, the rest 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed on the shore of Taechaung from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town from 23 Oct, are still surrounded by the Nasaka forces and facing starvation and various abuses.

These survivor boatpeople who have been now freed into refugee camps say that the Nasaka forces extorted and looted cash what they had about 30 Lakhs from Kyaukpyu people and about 20 Lakhs from Pauktaw people, and looted their jeweleries in exchange to allow to land and refuge in Sittwe refugee camps. Some of them were also beaten up for saying about 'Rakhines burnt down their houses'.

The number of total boats landed in Maungdaw town is 20 boats and all of them were brought separately into the land by yesterday but about where they would be relocate is unknown yet.

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