Saturday 20 October 2012

Update News of Kyauktaw and Maungdaw towns

By NDPHR(exile),

The government has fanatically getting praises for showing little changes in the central administration while the situation in Arakan is deteriorating day to day. It has been four months now about 150,000 displaced Rohingya victims are ending up in concentration camps and without shelter across eight different towns of Arakan. The rest about a million people comprising Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims are also facing critical situation and constant threats while they have been also confined from the beginning.

The crises urgently demand the OIC and UN must at least pave to establish the Rohingya security forces in order to protect their own community while no diplomatic dialogue has reached to ease the ongoing crises.
Kyauktaw town
19 Oct (ERCA member Rofiq): In the morning about 7:00am, 2 Rohingyas namely Mutul-57 s/o Adul Bakar and Anamulhoq-22 s/o Khala Shuna from Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) village, were grabbed away by a group of Rakhine gang while they were going to bring grass from own farming land. The relatives reported to the military security guards and finally confirmed that they both had been killed and the bodies were also disappeared.

There were another report of brutality in the morning of 17 Oct that 2 Rohingyas from Khaungdok Alay Kyun (Khondol Barua Fara) were beaten-up by Rakhines during they were collecting grass for cattle. A bit later, the victims' relatives followed to the scene therefore the two victims were hardly survived. But the victims critically remained at home as they don't access for medication. Their names are not stated here as requested by their relatives.

Maungdaw town

18 October (Ko Ko Lin's email): In the morning around 8:30am, 4 Rohingya youths from Buggone Nah village, were captured by a group of 22 Bengali Rakhine Natala villagers while the 4 youths were going to cut grass near by the hill for their household cattle. 20 of 22 Bengali Rakhine Natala villagers equipped with knives and daggers and the rest two were with M-16 guns. After capture, the 4 victims were tied up and brought to the Natala Rakhine village where they were harshly tortured.
During the gang sat for drinking alcohol, the 4 victims managed to escape. The gang chased them back so one of them who was on struggling with tied rope was unable to escape.
The freed 3 victims reached at their respective homes. The parents and relatives of the remaining victim reported the issue to the military camp of Nyaung Chaung village. But the military authority replied that it is none of its business and to solve the problem by own way.
What happen about the captive victim,  Mohammed Hasson-26 s/o U Abul Hashim is also unknown.
The freed 3 victims are identified as:, Iman Husson-22 s/o U Lay Rhdu, Mohammed Roshid-20 s/o U Abdullah, and Mohammed Shah-30 s/o U Abdu Malek.

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