Friday 26 October 2012

Update: Burning and Attacking Continue in Southern Arakan

By  NDPHR(exile),

Half of Arakanese Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims about 15,000 people escaped by boats
from Southern Arakan towns are still missing and where about they are still unknown. 
The rest made to Sittwe beach are surrounded on the shore from 24 Oct and even some Rohingya villagers from Sittwe managed to deliver foods and clothes have been threatened by Nasaka forces through several warning shots.. Those reached near Kyaukpando of Maungdaw Town South are not allowed to land despite the NGO staffs rushed to the scene according to information received by ARU.
This kind of additional harsh orders intend to death from starvation is instructed by the Rakhine state chief minister, a Rakhine U Hla Maung Tin.

Pauktaw town

26th Oct: From 9:30am, the four Rohingya villages of Nga Chaung, Dong Rwa, Zawgyi and Thaung Rwa have been attacks by thousands of Rakhines. The sources say the houses are still burning. Detail is not yet escalated. Moreover, the Rohingya houses in Shikka Rwa (Mayukul) is also surrounded by Rakhines from the evening about 20:00pm.

Midnight 12:30am, the following 4 Rohingya villages were burnt down;
1) Shuli Pyin    177 houses with 1050 people,
2) Kyan Pyin    120 houses with 800 people,
3) Tae Ywa    135 houses with  890 people, and
4) Kyani Pyin    320 houses 2256 people.

On 25 Oct, Nasaka authority told the villagers frankly that they could not protect them from Rakhine's attacks therefore acting 7 Rohingya leaders from Lambadiya, Sarmyiettaung, Zawgyi, Ngachaung, Dong Rwa villages were went to find boats for their villagers. On the arrival of the shore of Rakhine village Zaycho Rwa, Rakhine gang opened fires them. 2 acting Rohingya leaders identified as Mala Ahmed-34 s/o Musta Ahmed and Ko Hla Maung-30 s/o Khawbiramed were captured by the gang and the rest 5 persons escaped. The two victims' relatives confirmed they been killed by the gang.

Sittwe town

More than ten thousands of displaced muslims arrived by 17 different boats from Kyaukpyu town from 25 Oct are still surrounded on the shore of Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) and the authority does not allow them to get shelter at refugee camps or Rohingya villages under the instruction of Rakhine state chief minister U Hla Maung Tin after a request came from Kyaukpyu town police chief. However, 4 boats loads of Rohingyas have been entered into before the authority's interception.
Another 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed
on the shore of Taechaung from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town after their villages were burnt down on 23 Oct, are also still floating and the Nasaka authority doesn't allow them to came down from the boats.

None of these displaced boat-people are provided food or waters by authority and even some Rohingya villagers from Sittwe managed to deliver foods and clothes have been threatened by warning shots.

Kyaukpyu town

Some hundreds of displaced muslims lifted to poliie station from 24 Oct morning are still laid on the ground within police station premise and no food or water has been provided yet. As well as, police authority threatening them to say those houses burnt down were by their own.
A Kaman muslim, Dr Maung Ni was chased by police after interviewed with VOA quoting about he is going to get the boat. His villagers doubt on VOA reporter because the police chasing him was very soon after his conversation with VOA reporter.

The displaced survivors who arrived in Sittwe town also confirmed that the Rakhine gangs attacked the two other boats loads of about 200 Rohingyas which were pulling by another boat after the engines broke down during they departing from Kyaukpyu town. The boat that pulled the two other had also loaded about hundred Rohingyas therefore they left the two boats behind. The boats were sank by gun shots and the people on board swam towards the shore. How many killed, drowned and survived are unknown.

Myebon town
25 Oct: The Rakhine gangs surrounded and attacked the hill where displaced muslims are hiding after their villages were burnt down from
the evening 20:00pm of 23 Oct. Eventually, the gangs set fire the hill so what happen to them is unknown. Authority did not prevent Rakhine people torching and attacking  the houses even setting fire the hill.
This information was firstly received by ARU and confirmed again by our sources.

Kyauktaw town
The military forces who are other ethnic people have been removed from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village as a result of the forces protected Rohingya villagers during the attacks occurred at 15:00pm of 25 Oct and shot dead 15 armed Rakhine terrorists.

Rambre town
From the morning of 25 Oct, the military forces who are non-Buddhists newly took control of the village Kyuaknimaw. The remaining villagers decided not to escape anymore and better to die in the village because the Rakhine gangs are await on the shore and followed behind the escapees.

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