Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rohingya villages of Kyauktaw town have been attacked from early morning

By NDPHR(exile),

According to Mr Rofiq, member of ERCA, Rakhine gangs began attackings of Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) and Auk Paiketay (Fishing village @ Fauktoli) villages from today early morning 6:00am. In the attacks:
1) 14 houses burnt down and at least 2 Rohingyas involving a relative of Mr. Rofiq were died from Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) village; and
2) 8 houses including two houses of Mr. Rogfiq's family members and 20 people wounded from Auk Paiketay (Fishing village @ Fauktoli) village.

From afternoon 15:00pm, the gangs moved to the Radanapon (Nairaung) village and began attacking of the Rohingya villagers. Rohingya houses are still seen burning and most of the villagers are gone to hiding. Phone lines are cut off by the local authority thus no detail has been escalated.
Another attack informed lately from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village of Kyauktaw town took place from 15:00pm that caused 80 Rohingya houses burnt down, 2 Rohingyas and 15 Rakhine died. Military seized 12 arms from Rakhine terrorists but not arrested them.

The sources also confirmed that early morning, additional 8 boats load of thousand of Rakhine people came from other towns through Kaladan River were chased by military before docking to the shore. The military seized arms, knives, arrows and fuels from 4 boats but freed the people. These Rakhine people have been sheltered at the Buddhist monastery of Taung Pauk village.

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