Friday 12 October 2012

BGB arrests over 60 Rohingyas within 10-day along the border

Source Kaladan Press, 11 Oct

Naikonchari, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) had been arrested over 60-Rohingya along the Bangladesh-Burma border since first week of October till yet, said an aide of BGB.

"BGB arrested them from the different points of border areas where Rohingyas live with localities without knowledge of Bangladesh concerned authorities."

Official said that some Rohingyas were arrested from the border points of Naikonchari and from the points of Teknaf in various raided.

They were pushed back to Burma after investigating by BGB, official more added.
Yesterday, BGB arrested again 21-Rohingya from the different border points of Teknaf, eight Rohingya from the point of Gumdum under the Naikonchari upazila, said a local from Cox's Bazar.

More Rohingya people cross Burma-Bangladesh without knowledge of Bangladesh authorities because of so called sectarian violence in Arakan State. But, Bangladesh has been closed the border since communal violence was occurred in Arakan. However, many Rohingyas penetrated to Bangladesh, and the government arrested and pushed back those again to Burma, the local added.

Bangladesh government has imposed restriction against the Rohingyas along the Bangladesh-Burma border.

BGB pushes back twenty two Rohingyas

Teknaf, Bangladesh: Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) arrested twenty two Rohingyas from different entry points of border and pushed back to Burma recently, said an aide of BGB of Teknaf.
“BGB arrested them in various raided while trying to enter Bangladesh without knowledge of Bangladesh authorities.”

According to sources, on October 8, in the morning, eight Rohingyas were arrested from the entry point of Taungbro-border by BGB while they were crossing Burma-Bangladesh border. But, in the evening, they were pushed back to Burma after investigating.

Besides, on October 6, BGB arrested another 14 Rohingyas from the border points of Shapuri Dip and Nilla under the Teknaf police station of Cox’s Bazar district after doing operation at border belts. .
“An arrestee said on condition of anonymity, “I cross Burma-Bangladesh because of persecution and harassment against the Rohingya minority by the present Burma’s ruling government.”

According to different sources, Burma’s border security force (Nasaka), police, and army including Rakhine mobs have been arresting Rohingyas rwith fabricated cases, killing and harassing many Rohingya Muslims since occurred communal violence in northern Arakan State, Burma.

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