Monday 15 October 2012

The Truth behind Rakhines’ Opposition to OIC’s Presence in Arakan

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Monday, 15th October 2012 ,Since the systematic ethnic cleansing of Rohigyas was instigated on 8th June 2012, the atrocities against them have been being carried out in large scale by Burmese regime in cooperation with Rakhine terrorists. Rohingyas' homes were burnt down and thousands of them were displaced on their own land. Many thousands of them were killed though Burmese officials grossly understated the number of their deaths. Their properties were looted and their women and under-aged girls were either raped or gang-raped by Military and others. Their mosques and religious have been locked down. Their educated people and other innocent people have been detained for nothing. Their access to foods and medicines are blocked. In short, their current situation in the state is worse than the condition of Jews was in Nazi extermination camps during WWII. 

Burmese regime and Rakhine extremists have lied, deceived and tried all the tricks to cover up their crimes against humanity. In fact, international community, today, knows Thein Sein more as a joker than a president because of his frequent self-contradicting statements regarding the situation. They have always tried to block any international investigations and independent observers, international media and worse still, even humanitarian assistances to the displaced people. All these attempts have been for these purposes: to cover up the grave crimes they have committed and to be able to kill more Rohingyas silently either by direct means or with starvation by blocking their access to foods and medicines. Rakhine community led by their extremist leaders and backed by the regime has been constantly holding protest against anything whichever they think can expose their crimes. Some of them are: 

1) They have held protests against the visit of UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana 

2) They have held protest against NGOs under UN and other NGOs and other INGOs. They (Rakhines) refused to accept their aids accusing that they are biased. Probably Rakhine defines helping the worst suffering victims, Rohingyas, too as BIASing. Anyway, Rakhines may not need foreign aids as they have stocked enough rations by looting Rohingyas' properties 

3) They always block foreign media and investigation teams visiting the places of victimized Rohingyas 

4) They opposed the visit of the humanitarian mission team from Indonesia 

5) They opposed Malaysian Humanitarian Mission, too 

6) Finally, they are holding a popular protest against OIC's presence in Arakan. 

Unlike local Burmese NGOs and activists who didn't give even a damn look into the Rohingyas' sufferings let alone helping them, OIC, NGOs from Muslim countries as well as UN NGOs have been giving the aids to both Communities irrespective to race or religion. They are equally giving aids to the both communities even though Rakhines suffered little in the violence. 

One might wonder, above all, why Rakhines are NAGGING too much and suffering from serious PARANOIA! It is because OIC's presence in Arakan will discourage Rakhine extremists to continue their crimes to root out Rohingyas from Arakan and will further delay achieving their long-awaited dream of Maha-Rakkhita-Naing Ngan Daw Gri (an independent Arakan). That's why Rakhine extremist leaders are making their ladies and the skinned-head fascists in saffron all out to the street to protest against OIC's presence in Arakan. How coward they can be that they need to hide in their ladies' sarongs to be able to do more crimes!! Shamelessness has also its limits!! 

Look around the world. Religious figureheads anywhere in the world always try to broker peace among the communities in problems. But it is opposite in the context of Burma because the skin-heads in saffron (excluding few good monks) always incite more violence which itself against Buddhism. The edict NOT to kill or inflict pains on others (even on the smallest creatures) is integral to Buddhist thought. And see these skin-head fascists in saffron are doing what! Besides, most of the people in Burmese society are suffering from Kular-phobia and drowning in the sea of delusional hatred. Siddartha Gautama Buddha, a Kular, of Indian sub-continent would be much disgusted, were he alive, with the way how his peaceful philosophy is manipulated by some self-centered fascists. 

Now Rakhines and their allies are protesting and demanding OIC to leave Arakan ignoring the agreement made with the government. The only purpose of OIC being there is just to give humanitarian aids to all the suffering people. Besides, some fascist Rakhines are claiming that they will accept the aids of any countries but of any Muslim countries. If so, why did they oppose and make false allegations against NGOs under UN? Are they Muslim NGOs? It is the insanity of Rakhine extremists to think that international community, too, will think as stupid as they do! There are thousands of Rohingyas who are at the moment critically facing starvation and suffering from different kinds of diseases. 

Now, the Bohmu Zaw Htay, the director of president office, has declared that the government will temporarily make the agreement ineffective due to the demonstrations of the Monks and Rakhine extremists and will have tripartite meeting with OIC, government and the Monks. I hope OIC will be able to continue helping the victims regardless of race and religion. 

Now, according to some reports, there will be more anti-Rohingya protests in Maung Daw, Buthidaung, Yangon and Mandalay etc. According to Rohingyas in Maung Daw, Rakhines have been planning to destroy the main mosque in Maung Daw. In fact, they did try once to torch the mosque recently. Now, Rohingyas are facing a do or die situation and they have nothing more to lose. They might embrace whichever choice they have for their survival as human beings. They are cornered so much so that they have nowhere to escape. A cat will certainly bite back when it is cornered and has no way to escape. 

M.S. Anwar is an activist and student studying Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies at Westminster International College, Malaysia

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