Saturday 27 October 2012

Attacks in Kyauktaw town and Displaced survivor boatpeople crisis

By NDPHR(exile),

The Rakhines are attacking village to village all over Arakan and the government authorities are again arresting and starving the displace survivor refugees so how the government is sincere to solve the crises. The differences are that in the past five decades during military government, its authorities directly cleansed the Rohingyas but now the government authorized its Rakhine people to materialize similar pogrom.
photo- [boatpeople of Kyaukpyu landed in Sittwe beach]

Displaced survivor boatpeople crises: total boats landed are counted as below;
1) 3 boats and 40 canoes load of about 700 Rohingyas of Pauktaw town have been stopped by Navy forces on the arrival of the mount of Sittwe Point from yesterday dark evening.

2) Ko Ko Lin email confirmed that 3 more boat floating near Shamapura Island of Bangladesh today after-noon. But the Bangladeshi border security forces blocked them from landing on their soil.

3) 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed on the shore of Taechaung from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town after their villages were burnt down on 23 Oct, are also still floating and the Nasaka authority doesn't allow them to land.

4)13 out of 17 boats arrived
from Kyaukpyu town on 25 Oct are still surrounded on the shore of Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) of Sittwe town.

All of them been have been starved for days and many of them are bared but none of them received foods, waters and clothes. The Nasaka authority opened fires to the Rohingya villagers from Sittwe who approach to hand foods and clothes.

Kyauktaw town

27 Oct: Marsh Fara village near the Taung Bwe village was attacked from yesterday evening around 15:30pm. 50 out of about 150 houses and 2 Rohingya killed by Rakhines in the attacks. Newly deployed military forces have been somehow prevent the attacks. But the Rakhines said they will resume the attacks by midnight until the Rohingya villagers leave from the village.

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