Wednesday 10 October 2012

Over 1,800 Holy Quran, Hadith books burned down in Akyab


Akyab, Arakan State:  Over 1,800 Holy Quran and Hadith books were burnt down by Rakhine extremists with the collaboration of security forces, at about 2:00 pm,  on October 7, in Akuab,( Sittwe), the capital of Arakan, said a local villager on condition of anonymity.
"The Rakhine also tried to torch the central Mosque of Akyab, but security force, especially military gave protection from setting on fire. However, the Rakhine extremists burned down five houses in the compound of big Mosque. They also burned down a big library of over 1800 religious books- Holy Quran and Hadith books."

In the arson attack, five houses were burnt down inside the central Mosque compound.

The Rakhine extremists tried to set on fire of Dil Mohamed's house, hailed from Ambala ward of Akyab (Sittwe) by throwing petrol gallons to his home, but luckily the family members were awake, so it was possible to put off the fire, said a local elder from Sittwe

The also set on fire a book shop which is established at the gate of central Mosque.

How the Rakhine people are allowed to torch the Muslim properties within the Act of 144, while the Muslims are kept in the houses like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi house arrest, said a local youth.

"We the Rohingya people protest this kind of atrocities by Rakhine extremists due to the emergency ACT 144, and we ask the government to inquiry the event of arson attack of central Mosque," said a villager of Sittwe.

Some media stated that the fire broken out due to shock circuit in electrical transmission line, according to a teacher from Sittwe.

This action is concerned to the riots of Ramu, Bangladesh that damaged 12 Buddhist temples and houses.

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