Thursday 18 October 2012


Press Statement, 18th October 2012 
Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM) strongly condemned the act of the Myanmar government to ban the establishment of the OIC office in Arakan State and Yangon after the mass demonstration by the Buddhist monks. This clearly shows that the Myanmar government is not transparent and not sincere in ending the conflict. If the government wants the conflict to end, they will welcome the establishment of the International Bodies in Arakan State. However this will not happen as the government is behind the whole conflict. The government will not take any appropriate measures to end the conflict as it contravenes its ethnic cleansing policy towards the Rohingyas.  
Though the Myanmar government has signed the agreement with the OIC in August 2012, they had to cancel it due to the protest by the Buddhist monks. Ironically, the Myanmar government has never listened to anyone. This time why must they listen to the Buddhist Monks despite the agreement has been signed? This shows the Myanmar government already has an advanced plan regarding the request by the OIC countries. The mass demonstration by the Buddhist monks shows the rejection comes from the Buddhist community and not the government itself. The truth is the government doesn't want the OIC to be presence in Arakan State as it will hamper their plan to destroy the Rohingyas from Myanmar. 
We, the Rohingyas are very much hoping that the International Boddies such as OIC, United Nations and International NGOs will step in Arakan State to stop the human rights violations against the Rohingyas. However our hope has been destroyed when the Myanmar government canceled the agreement with OIC. What else we can hope for? The current situation for the Rohingyas is very bad. With the curfew is still impose on us, more and more Rohingyas are dying everyday as there is too little access to food and medicine. The number of Rohingyas who died due to starvation and diseases has been increase tremendously. However it was not reported by the government newspaper as they want to cover the real number of toll death of the Rohingyas.
If there is no OIC in Arakan State, who will stop the human rights violations towards Rohingyas?  Who will monitor the situation in Arakan State? If the Myanmar government rejects the OIC, the United Nation Peace Keeping Mission must step in Arakan State in order to end the human rights violations towards Rohingyas.
In the recent development, two main Mosques in Akyab @ Sittwe have been burned by Rakhines Buddhist. In other development the government has cancelled the business license belongs to the Rohingyas. The government continuously confiscates our document and altered our ethnic as Benggali which is not true. The government will use different ways to destroy our existence in Arakan State. We have nothing left for us except waiting for die. Children and women are the most affected person during this 4 months conflict. Children and babies were not able to get the food and treatment. They suffered malnutrition until we can see their bones. Many of them have died in their struggle for life. The children and babies have no clothes to wear. They have to bare the cold during nights. They have to endure pain without treatment. The suffering we went through this time is unimaginable. Who else we can call for help?
We are thankful to all the International Organizations who step in Arakan State especially from Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries.  The food and medicine fulfill the immediate needs of the affected Rohingyas. However we are not sure until when the aid will reach us if there is no real monitoring from independent bodies.
Next week the Muslim all around the world will celebrate Eidul Adha. This is very important festival for the Muslims. For us in Arakan State we do not know how to celebrate and conduct Qurban as we have nothing in our hands. Children are the most happiest person during the Eid but this time we have nothing to give to them. We ask for your prayers so that our suffering will be ending soon, so that our children can be smiling again.
We call for the bigger Intervention from the United Nations Security Council to bring solution to our plight
We call for the continuous Intervention from the OIC countries to highlight our plight and bring solution to our plight
We call on the British Government to take appropriate measure and to play a bigger role in order to end our plight
We call on the International Humanitarian Organizations to continuously sending aid to us for our survival
We call on the International Media to continuously highlight our plight until we are recognize as the citizen of Myanmar.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Psd. Zafar Ahmad
Myanmar Ethnic Rohingya Human Rights Organization Malaysia (MERHROM)
Tel: +6016-6827287

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