Friday 5 October 2012

Update News of Arakan

by NDPHR(exile),

Pauktaw town

Four Rohingyas from Rwa Thit (Naya Fara) went for fishing in Thabya Chaung river were chased by Rakhine gang on the arrival of Thara Chaung river in the evening of 29 Sept. Two of them were firstly captured and soon the rest two escapees were also captured.  The source says that the four Rohingya men were attacked firstly by arrows and slaughtered later according to the wounds found on their bodies. One of the body was firstly discovered burying in the mud near by the river on 30 Sept and the rest 3 bodies were later discovered along the river on 2 Oct.  Three of them were identified as Boshir-40, Farus Khan-56 and his son Shukur-25. Despite the police authority taken the bodies for examination, no inquiry is made yet. The source attained photos of the victims but no alternative way to pass them.

Rathedaung town
28 Sept: In the evening, the military forces from 536 regime came to the Nyaung Pingyi (Muzadiya) village and seized a few mobile phones. Several villagers were beaten-up by the forces in the scene. As a result, most of the villagers had to hide into remote areas near by the creek.

Kyauktaw town
Rohingya own paddy from the farming lands are reaped and taking away by Rakhine people in all over the town while Rohingyas are constantly confined and facing threats.

The two wounded men, Paiketay (Fishing) village vice president U Maung Nu s/o Nurboshor and Jalalluddin-19 who were tortured in police lock-up on 21 Sept for speaking with Inquiry Commission, were taken away again by police authority. Their relatives don't know where about them but police authority said they been transferred to Sittwe prison for further inquiry. As grantee given by Inquiry Commission members, the relatives informed to the Inquiry Commission base in Yangon but no response received so far.

Maungdaw town
3 Oct (Kaladan Press): The Nasaka has established Nasaka check-posts in every bridges, or culverts, Maungdaw-Aley Than Kyaw high way and Maungdaw- Bawli Bazar high way and then increase toll collection from Rohngya travelers.
The Rohingyas villagers from rural areas have to pay Kyat 200 to 500 per head at the Nasaka out-post. Sometimes, the Nasaka takes Kyat 500 to 1000, if the villager has more in the pocket.

1 Oct (Kaladan Press): Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel from outpost camp-12 under Nasaka area number(5) arrested 3 Rakhines who beat Rohingya fishermen in Ywanyotaung village today after the information was sent by village administration officer. The Nasaka personnel rushed to the area where the Rakhine group were beating the Rohingya fishermen and arrested 3 Rakhines and other were fled to the Rakhine village.
The 3 Rakhine arrestees are kept in the outpost-12 for interrogation. The Nasaka officer identified the 3 Rakhines as- two of them are from Bangladesh and one from Rathedaung town.

(Kaladan Press): In the morning of 30 Sept, a group of Sarapa army (military intelligence), Nasaka (Burma's border security force) accompanied by some local Natala villagers (Rakhines) went to Horsaraona  and Lamba Gona villages of Zawmatet village tract and tried to arrest the villagers. So the villagers ran away and the security forces beaten up some 30 women including Ms Madani. The forces entered into the houses and looting  some gold, money, clothes and destroyed household things.  They also looted 35 cows and over 50 goats from the village. They entered at least 40 houses and destroyed cooking pots and some new ones were taken away. They also arrest some villagers including Fazal Haque and were brought to the Nasaka camp. The Natala villagers were holding long swords during the operation period of security forces.
The same security forces also entered the Marulla Para (village) and took away eight family lists and asked the female villagers to choose it by giving money when their husbands arrived from hiding places.
They also went to Sarcombo village and its market and chased the villagers but one villager named Fazal Ahmed-45 was arrested. They also beaten up women villagers as they did not find their husbands. A woman from this village was severely beaten up as she barred them from taking away her 3 cows. They also took away 7 cows from the village.
Besides, the security forces entered the Kunna Para (village) and insulted the females and then arrested some villagers.
According to villagers, about 300 youths are being trained at Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazar) army camp from last September. After training, they will be appointed  to Rakhine villages as Militants. The training is going on from 8am to 4pm. They will be equipped after training.  This makes Rohingya villagers more frighten.

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