Monday, 22 October 2012

"Emergency Crisis in Minbya and Mrauk U townships

By NDPHR(exile), 
Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslim houses in Parein village of Mrauk U town and Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village), Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village, Sudaine Rwa village of Minbya town, have been heavily attack from yesterday evening.
1)Parein village consisting all more than 500 houses, has been set fire from today morning 4:00am and all have been burnt down;
2)Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village) consisting about 300 houses, was torched yesterday evening 22:30pm and about 50 houses were burnt down.
3)Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, was attacked from 7:00am today morning and all have been  burnt down; and
4) Sudaine Rwa village was also set fire today around 15:00pm today but how many houses burnt down was not yet known.
Around ten thousands Rakhines involved in the attacked some of them used arrows and gun. The military guards did not stop Rakhine attackings by aggressively entering into muslim villages. If military shot a few warning shots towards upside in some point later, the armed Rakhine shot into the crowd. The sources say most of the houses have been burnt down and the death toll expects about 100 people. But at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed dead including 3 Rakhine people.
Rohingya group based in Sittwe has informed to the Rakhine state minister and human rights commission members on the time from yesterday but they shouted back by quoting- "how did you see them from here Sittwe"?
The situation across Yangon too is uncertained since the monks have distributed leaflets blaming on muslims domination in businesses, construction and leaderships. The sources confirmed hundred of bogus monks get prepared to attack in Mingaladon and Tinngangyuan townships.
Beside the PM Thein Sein enjoys developed nations' congratulations through exploring billions dollar investment that undermines the ongoing war crimes and genocidal attacks against minorities. Despite the UN diplomats Nambia and Quintana shortly visited the crises, UN has continuously condoned the situation and simply referred to the puppet Myanmar Human Rights Commission to conduct the so call Inquiry.

Maungdaw town
21 Oct (Kaladan press): Mohibullah-35 s/o Mohamed Hussain, hailed from Lamba Ghona village went to Tharay Khun Tan village marker to buy cow for coming Muslim festival on October 20, at about 11:00am where he met some army personnel on the way who looted Kyat 250,000 from his pocket after severely kicked him to his forehead.
Similarly, a group of Natala villagers from Aung Thaya village took away two big goats of Mv. Sidique-32 s/o Lal Meah while grazing nearby his home on October 20, at about 12:00 noon. At first, the Natala villagers killed the two goats with their spears and took away to their village which may cost around 70,000 Kyat each. Though the owner saw the event, he did not dare to bar them because they will gave complaint us (Rohingya villagers) attacked the Natala villagers. However, later, the owner accompanied with some villagers went to the local Nasaka camp and appraised the event, but the officer denied solving the case because  the case was against the Natala  who are protecting  by authority.”

(Kaladan Press): A group of Nasaka personnel from Pa-Nyaung Pin Gyi (Daung Kharli) Nasaka camp under area number (7), entered to the Naya para village at about 11:30pm of October 20, while three young Rohingya were sitting on the road side of village. The young Rohingyas ran way when they saw the Nasaka coming towards them. At that time, Nasaka open fired to them as it was the time of curfew and under emergency Act 144. Hearing the shooting sound villagers ran away from their homes for fear of arrest and killed. Unfortunate man – Abdul Hakim-62 s/o Inna Amin- was hit a bullet which was fired by Nasaka inside his home.
The Nasaka entered Rohingya homes to search the young Rohingyas who are sitting on the road and arrested 10 Rohingyas with allegation of gathering in the period of curfew times. The victims are identified as Abdul Aziz-25 s/o U Abdul Hakim; Abdul Hamid-18 s/o U Abdul Hakim; Mohammed Roshid-15 s/o U Abdul Hakim; Mohammed Rofique-35 s/o Abdul Amin; Roshid Ahmed-30 s/o U Esark; Eliyas-15 s/o U Abu Taher; Noor Kobir s/o U Abu Taher; Noor Kamal s/o U Abu Taher; Aman Ullah-22 s/o U Abdu Shukkur and Salim Ullah s/o  U Fozol. 
The dead body to Maungdaw General Hospital and the arrestees were handed over to Maungdaw Police station.

Buthidaung town
(Kaladan Press): On 12 October, 15 Rohingya prisoners  sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by the special court of Butidaung town with  fabricated allegations.  They are identified as —Nurul Islam-35 s/o Nizam Uddin, Jafar Ahmed-37 s/o Azim Ali, Abdullah-60 s/o Motiur Rahaman, Kalu-75 s/o Hassan, Salim Ullah-50 s/o Roshan Ali, Abdul Amin-43 s/o Ullah Meah, Azalu Hussain-43 s/o Jafar Ahmed, Moulvi Mohamed Hussain-43 s/o Ali Ahmed, Abu Sayed-48 s/o Oli Ahmed, Azam Ullah-30 s/o Ali Ahmed, Moulvi Hashim Ullah-35, Nazir Ahmed, Enayet Ullah-30 s/o Mortaza, Hamidullah-35 s/o Sayed Ahmed, Mostak Ahmed-55 s/o Sura Ahmed and Nazir Ahmed-48 Sura Ahmed from Udaung village tract of Maungdaw south. 
Over 39 villagers were arrested from U daung village since June 8. From Aley Than Kyaw village tract of Maungdaw south, over 400 villagers were arrested by security forces because of riots between Rakhine and Rohingya communities.
Besides, Habib-29 s/o Abul Khasim – a collaborator of ex-Nasaka director Lt. Col Aung Gy, hailed from Merullah village of Maungdaw south was also sentenced to 20 years jail.

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