Friday 12 October 2012

Update News of Sittwe town

by NDPHR (exile), 
Thousand of Rakhines and monks surrounded the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village from 21:00pm (local time) of 12 Oct. Confrontation were took place about an hour and the military eventually opened fires around hundred bullets upside and tear gases.. So, the crowd finally retreated from the village. But no incident has been escalated yet.
The sources say now the 'Martial Law' has been declared for the Aungmingala village but hundreds of Rakhines and monks are still gathering at U Uttama Park and Pharargri.
As the government has not yet installed "Laws and Order" for Rakhine people,  they are openly attacking the Rohingyas with the supports of local authorities. Despite there are some people including foreign tourists who witnessed recent attack of central mosque on 7 Oct, the government has not yet arrested a single Rakhine and such serious genocidal attacks ending up hypocritically with the so call inquiry.  Moreover, the 42 Rakhines arrested across the town by military forces from August, were also released on 17 September after Rakhine community staged several protests. They were arrested for attempting to attack over Rohingya villages but when ever they were handed to police, the police reversed the charges as 'trespassing into curfew area'.
designation letter of ALP for financing for emergency arms
An internal source says that some those armed Rakhines involved in the riot of Arakan are members of Rakhine armed group currently joining with ethnic Kachin armed group (KIO) near the Phakent of Kachin state. Thousand of Rakhine militants are still residing there and recruiting more fresh youths from Thailand and Malaysia. An award letter designated by Arakan Liberation Party-ALP revealed that the Malaysia based ALP members and its Rakhine people are recently collected RM-57,100 and contributed for emergency arms. They have strong perception that they could not restore the lost kingdom while Rohingyas exist.
Continuous protests ask the remaining Aungmingala Quarter to be relocated outside the Sittwe town. Another sign also asks to expel the Rohingya villages near the new college that in deed build on the farming lands of Rohingya of Furan Fara and opened from year 2000.

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