Friday 26 October 2012

360 dead and destroy 3500 homes in renewed clashes in Arakan State

Source Kaladan Press, 25 Oct

Akyab, Arakan State:
More than 360 people have been killed and more than 3500 homes destroyed in the renewed clashed – Rohingyas and Rakhines- in Arakan State on October 21, according to a lawyer from Akyab.

"We are receiving information day by day increasing death numbers and burning homes from the ground, but, the Arakan State government saying only 56 people dead and only 2000 homes burned down."

"More than 200 Rohingya dead bodies were mass buried in a long burrow in Maruk –U as the community is not able to make separately to bury. The Rakhines tried to kill them at time with the help of security force."

Today, evening at about 15:00pm, Rakhines set on fire the Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village of Kyauktaw where 80 Rohingyas' homes burned down and 2 Rohingya killed, according to sources from Kyauktaw.

"The Military on security in the town seized 12 arms from Rakhine terrorists who attacked the Rohingya village, but, no action against the Rakhine."

The sources also confirmed that early morning, additional 8 boats load of thousands of Rakhine people came from other towns through Kaladan River were chased by military before docking to the shore. The military seized arms, knives, arrows and fuels from 4 boats but freed the people.

"These Rakhine people have been sheltered at the Buddhist monastery of Taung Pauk village."

More than 50 boats with full load of Rohingyas from Kyaukpru and Minbya had left their homes villages to save their lives yesterday. The boats conditions are not known, but unconfirmed information stated that some boats held by Burma Navy of Akyab.

Bangladesh mobilized extra patrols along its river border with Burma today after getting information about  tens of boats carrying Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing the clashes from Arakan State – Minbya and Kyaukpru.

"We've stepped up watchfulness to make sure they can't enter our territory," Border Guard Bangladesh commander Colonel Zahid Hasan.

Security forces opened fire in a Rohingya living area in Rathedaung- a town situated northwest of Akyab- and about 10 houses were burned, according to locals, published by Reuter on October 25, 2012.

The United Nations has called for calm in response to the new violence today.

"The U.N. is gravely concerned about reports of a resurgence of inter-communal conflict in several areas in Rakhine State – which has resulted in deaths and has forced thousands of people, including women and children, to flee their homes," Ashok Nigam, U.N. Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Burma, said in a statement.

"UN was appealing for immediate and unconditional access to all communities in accordance with humanitarian principles."

The statement said large numbers of people fleeing the new violence were headed for already overcrowded refugee camps currently housing about 75,000 people previously made homeless.

"Short term humanitarian support and action towards long term solutions are urgently required to address the root causes of the conflict," said the statement.

The unrest is some of the worst reported in the region since June.

Tensions still simmer in part as the government has failed to find any long-term solution to the crisis other than segregating the two communities in some areas

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