Wednesday 17 October 2012


Zaw Lwin Oo narrates the following about rise in extremism and current crisis in Arakan. He continues "Awakyunetha is a name given by original Rakhine natives to those Rakhine who entered after 1974 when Rakhine was promoted Rakhine State. Their first leaders are Dr. Aye Chan, Dr. Aye Kyaw , Dr. Aye Muang and Ashin Nayaka. Those leaders trained a lot of students all over the world according to their mission. Their mission is clearly mentioned in their WebPages; Arakan Army, Rakhapura Media Group, Narinjara, Arakan Media Group, Eleven Media Group, and Rakhine Bloggers. There is also Rakhine Myoromaha Web Page which means the best human race. They call Arakan Father Arakan like German Aryan, not like Rohingya; Rohingya call Mother Arakan.

"Awakyunetha succeed to unify all Rakhine Buddhist including Marama because of their religion, Buddhism. They have their own authority, own police, Arakan Liberation Army, and their strong media, unlike Rohingya. Rohingya have nothing at all; no protection, no right, and even no fundamental human right. Rakhine Buddhists are proud of being Aryan like Hitler's followers. Most of their activities' bases are in Bangladesh as it is a democratic country, they can do freely there. Their main mission is to make Arakan an independence Rakhine Pray.

"Rohingya is their obstacle toward independent State, so their first target became Rohingya. On the other hand, Myanmar dictators are enemy of democracy , Rakhine and dictators gathered together to clear this obstacle. Basically, Rakhine hate Bamar, Rakhine call Bamar Auakchi in their language that means lower filth. Rakhine are supporting dictators to clear Rohingya first, later they will fight to dictator too. In the Arakan Army Web, they announced openly their main agendas in their language. Like Aryan of Germany, Rakhine Buddists are racists, they think that Arakan is only for them, no Muslim can live there. They succeeded in three township clearing Muslims, they call those places Muslim-free places. Their main mission is to make Arakan as a Muslim-free Buddhist Independent State. Rakhine Buddhist main slogan "Wherever we are, the only place we call home is Father Arakan."

"Rohingya have been continuously begging, crying, appealing, and requesting to the World in order to get only fundamental right which deserve every single human on Earth. They have been demanding according to the International Declaration of Human Right. For many decades, Rohingya people have been suffering, we could not see any international organization which tried to solve Rohingya's problem. Whenever severe persecution was faced, International society, and media talk two three weeks, after then, government and Rakhine increase their speed of persecution.

Current crisis in Arakan State

"Following communal violence in June, largely directed against the ethnic Rohingya, there is a growing humanitarian and human rights crisis, which is not receiving sufficient international attention, and it is highly likely that nearly 10,000 lives are being lost as a result.

"In the past few weeks Burma Campaign UK has received the following reports:

'Burmese police, security forces and soldiers are raping, looting, torturing and arbitrarily killing Rohingya people. There have been mass arrests with Rohingya people kept in detention camps without trial, without food or medical services.

'Around 100,000 internally displaced Rohingya people, are in various locations and not getting enough, or even any aid. The government is blocking aid, and where aid is being delivered mostly Rohingya are being excluded.

'Local authorities are refusing to allow many Rohingya people back to some villages, shops or homes in a policy that appears designed to 'cleanse' these areas of Rohingya people. The President of Burma has proposed a policy that amounts to ethnic cleansing, asking the United Nations to arrange for Rohingya people to be placed in camps, removed from Burma and sent to third countries.

'This is an incredibly serious situation and it continues to deteriorate at a very fast rate. Yet there has not been anything like the international response that would be expected for a crisis on this scale. Action needs to be taken now to ensure aid can be delivered, arrests and human rights abuses stop, and people are allowed to return safely to their homes.

'Britain used to take the lead in mobilising the international community to respond to human rights and humanitarian crises in Burma. We need you to resume that leading role again.

'We urge you to use every diplomatic and legal tool at your disposal to help bring an end to the current crisis, including;

'Britain and America must draw international attention to the current crisis by strongly condemning the blocking of humanitarian aid, the human rights abuses committed by police, army and security forces, and by rejecting proposals for all Rohingya to be expelled from the country.

'You should withdraw the invitation to President Thein Sein to visit the UK and USA in order to bring home to him the seriousness of the current situation and the fact that proposing ethnic cleansing is completely unacceptable.

'Britain and USA must also push for discussions and action at the United Nations Security Council and other UN bodies.

'Britain and USA must mobilise the international community to pressure President Thein Sein to allow aid to be delivered to the 140,000 displaced people. Lives are being lost every day while the UK, USA, EU and rest of the international community fail to take sufficient action to end this crisis. We urge you to act now, and we look forward to your response.

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