Thursday 18 October 2012

Rohingya Exodus (Leaked Video)

Source Rohingyablogger, 17 Oct

A documentary video on the genocides against Rohingyas is made by Myanmar government ( Leaked Video)

"Although mass killings and exterminations of human races were some sort of things that the world experienced during Nazi German period, the similar or worse kinds of genocides and mass killings against a world's most forgotten people are being systematically implemented by the government in Myanmar now and at this moment. Specifically, since 1942, one of the historic and most horrendous mass killings has been being carried out against a Muslim Rohingya community, a community who have been living in the western part of Burma from the time of immemorial. The recent ethnic of cleansing of the mentioned community that was instigated in June 2012 is not stopped and over yet.

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